Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Red Dot museum. Group:Yen Zhe, Marcus, Rohan, John

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Its name is emembrane


What we learnt-Innovation has no boundaries.

We like this product the most and it is related to our project since it is also one of our 8 solutions. This shows us roughly how it could be built.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Presentation Format

Reflection of the Visit to the Red Dot Museum, By: Jeremy (Leader), Stevanus, Nicolas and Gabriel


- Can you find examples of SCAMPER from exhibits?


This clock uses words instead of the traditional numbers and hands.

This stroller on the right combines an umbrella and stroller into one.

This chair adapts its shape into an enclosing backrest for the user that provides some privacy.


These tablet cases are modified in such a way that they are triangular flaps connected by a foldable polyester material that allows more flexibility instead of the normal single rectangular flap that covers the entire tablet and has almost zero flexibility.

P-Put to other use:
These special tables, instead of just being used to work on, they can be instead used to play something like Tetris. They have interconnecting protruding parts that can be put together to make different shapes of tables.

These iPhones eliminate a miniature keyboard by instead using touchscreen technology.

This tablet has been disassembled and the pieces tweaked so that it can be interchanged and be assembled by the user in anyway he or she wants.

Learn from it:

- Name one thing that you have learnt from the designs that you have seen in the Red Dot Museum.

One thing that we have learnt is that there are many ways to design a product, but if we want to design a successful product, then we need to at least use one of the SCAMPER properties. The SCAMPER properties can help us to improve on our products by giving us an idea or goal of what to design the product against.


- Take a picture of the design(s) that your group likes the most and explain how it relates to the project that your group will be working on.

Our group's main topic of discussion are fires in the kitchen. We were not really able to find a product that was similar to what we were going to design, or our topic, but we do have a favourite product in the Red Dot Museum. This is the iPhone. The iPhone is one of the revolutionary products that gave Apple the upper hand in the electronics market. Across many years, the iPhone has received many improvements, new editions and better software. Many people across world own an iPhone, and many cannot imagine living without it. This iPhone was one of the first smartphones (possibly the first) to be developed and released into the market. The current version still has its Gorilla Glass touchscreen. It is compact, very useful for almost everything and many uses are still being developed for this smartphone through applications.