Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Register number 12-24

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  1. The Poster is not that creative and at one glance the poster does not really catch the attention of the person. The poster has very less images.

  2. Register 20

    Good points: Vivid descriptions of features and functions
    Colour coded sections to organise the things.
    Bad points: The background and decorations are too plain
    Colours used are too bright for the backgrounds of the functions

  3. The poster does not bring out the great idea of a compressor dustbin and is a bit too wordy

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  5. The design of the poster is very simple and "colourful"(?), but the poster is too informative, almost everything in the poster is information for the product, which makes the poster look very dull and "ugly".

  6. God things-key points are highlighted. Arranged properly.
    Bad things-the model of the dustbin is too small.

  7. I think that the bad thing about this poster is that the design of it is too kiddy and too colourful, for some of the words in the coloured boxes, the contrast is a little weird and a bit of a strain to the eyes

  8. The poster is very plain.However,it has a lot of information about the product itself.The poster can be improved with more pictures about the product itself.Also,the poster can use a background colour other than white.Also,bolded words should be used for important points and not for the scenario text.

  9. Good:
    Has the visual of the design, shows many information on it, the features and the scenario
    A bit plain

  10. The function of the dustbin is nice but it may not be able to compress hard stuffs like metallic stuff ,the colours are nice with the backgrounds but the words are not really convincing.

  11. The poster describes the dustbin very well
    However,it does not state the problems that arise when the dustbin malfunctions

  12. Good Points:
    (1)Able to compress a lot of rubbish
    (2)Will not need to have a big dustbin to place in your small house
    Bad Points:
    (1)What will happen if the rubbish cannot be compressed
    (2)What if the dustbin overflows where are you going to throw them all?

  13. This poster is not much of creative, words are also too small for visual (from far away unable to see the words). Nothing much that catches my attention. However, there is much information in the poster.