Monday, 24 February 2014

My I&E Work Sheet

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Generating and Focusing Tool (Term 1 Week 6) Name: ___Tang Rui Feng Reagan____________________________________ Class: S1-06 Sec 1___06___ Brainstorming Activity 1 Generate as many ideas as you can for the use of rubber bands (at least 30). Number each of your idea. 1.Trip wire 2.Ruler 3.Hair band 4.arm band 5.skipping rope 6.necklace shot 8.catapult 9.head band 10.Bottle holder 11.a trap 12. Paired Comparison Analysis Activity 1 Pick the top 4 ideas based on the criterion of innovativeness (different, most original, unique, feasible) A.slingshot B.bottle holder C.Ruler D.Skipping rope A vs B > WInner 1 =A C vs D > Winner 2 = C Winner 1 vs Winner 2 = A Where do your top 4 ideas come from? Are they ideas from the beginning, middle or end, or all over? What gives you those ideas?

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