Monday, 17 February 2014

Traits of a successful entrepreneur

Responsibility- A successful entrepreneur must be responsible of his/her own products. When something happens to the product itself, the entrepreneur will be held responsible, he/she cannot hold anyone else responsible. 

Courage- A successful entrepreneur must have the courage to do things. Example, the entrepreneur must have courage to speak in front of the crowd about the product. If he/she is unable to talk about the product, no one will have interest in the product and the product cannot be sold.

Patient- A successful entrepreneur must have the patient as he/she will fail many times. Being patient when thinking of ideas and inventing the product itself. If the entrepreneur herself/himself cannot be patient, he/she will fail many times, being very irritated and there won't be any final product. 

Passion- A successful entrepreneur must have the passion to do what he/she is doing. Having the passion will help the entrepreneur do something which is useful as the entrepreneur is willing to do invent it.

Tolerance- A successful entrepreneur must have tolerance because if he/she does not have tolerance, the whole plan will fail. 

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